Meet Our Future Homeowners | Jonathan & Sarah

Jonathan, his wife Sarah, and their three children, baby Adrian, Arianna (8), and Jonathan Jr. (9) have lived in a two-bedroom rental apartment in Chula Vista for the past three years. Arianna and Jonathan, Jr. share a bedroom in the small apartment. Health, safety, and maintenance issues go unaddressed by the landlord. There are no safe spaces for the children to play outside.

Jonathan proudly served in the United States Marine Corps for four years, participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom and earning a variety of medals, ribbons, badges, certificates, and letters in celebration of his exemplary service. For the past seven years, he has worked as a salesman at Anheuser-Busch. Sarah has been a baggage service agent at Envoy Air for the past five years.

Like many parents throughout San Diego, Jonathan and Sarah work hard to give their children the best future possible. Even though they have good, steady jobs, they still need a hand up to have a safe, affordable home they can call their own. And they know that along with that home will come self-reliance, stability, and independence.

They are so pleased to have the opportunity to build and buy the “forever home” they have prayed for, and are grateful for the volunteers and sponsors who are making their dream come true.

Meet Our Future Homeowners | Frank & Angelica

Frank and Angelica have been married for 14 years. They have two beautiful daughters and are expecting a new baby boy in the fall. Frank is a wood finisher for Montbleau and Associates, and Angelica is a stay-at-home mom and recent college graduate. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences with a minor in Child Development. Angelica loves taking care of their growing family, and aspires to work in a group home with youth in the child welfare system.

Frank and Angelica have struggled financially over the years with only one income, but their greatest accomplishment has been creating the family they now have. Their sacrifices have allowed their daughters to grow into caring, compassionate, and hardworking individuals. The girls are very creative and enjoy anything that allows them to explore those interests, from drawing to language arts. When asked to describe her family, Angelica says, “We are a loving and united family. We work hard and care about others and try our best to bring light to the world.”

With rent steadily increasing at their apartment, Frank and Angelica felt like they would never get ahead. After their previous landlord sold the property to Habitat, they were thrilled to find out they could qualify for a new home that would be built on the property.

Owning a home will have a huge impact on their lives.  A home means stability; it means no more moving, renting, and overpaying. They will be able to save money for the children’s college funds and have a stable place to call their own. As future Habitat homeowners, Frank and Angelica are looking forward to thriving in life and not just surviving.

Sponsor Spotlight: Realty Income

Last month, San Diego Habitat for Humanity and Realty Income Corporation came together to build homes for hardworking San Diego families in need of safe, affordable housing.

Realty Income is dedicated to bettering the local community where their employees and shareholders live and work through their Corporate Social Responsibility Program. 120 employee volunteers, including Chief Executive Officer of Realty Income, John P. Case, helped install siding, roofing, permeable pavers, paint, plant landscaping and build fencing at the final two homes of Habitat’s Foundation Lane Community in El Cajon.

In addition to donating time and manpower, Realty Income donated $125,000 to SDHFH and surprised six SDHFH partner families with gift cards to purchase furnishings for their new homes.

Thank you, Realty Income, for supporting SDHFH’s mission to bring people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Sponsor Spotlight: Encore Capital Group

On September 26, a total of 75 volunteers from Encore Capital Group in San Diego came together with San Diego Habitat for Humanity to help build a home for a family in need in El Cajon.

The effort was part of the international finance company’s third annual Global Volunteer Day, with more than 400 employees across the United States and around the world building homes with Habitat for Humanity.

“Strengthening, and in this case, helping literally to build communities, is one of the goals of Encore’s corporate social responsibility efforts,” said Sheryl Wright, Senior Vice President of External Affairs at Encore Capital Group. “We are pleased to support Habitat for Humanity in its efforts to provide housing for families in need through significant cash donations and volunteer hours.”

Encore’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, launched in 2013, focuses on economic empowerment and strives to help improve communities through better education, job training and basic support services.

“When you provide a family an opportunity to purchase their own home, you transform that family for generations to come,” said Lori Holt Pfeiler, President/CEO of San Diego Habitat for Humanity. “We bring hardworking families, dedicated volunteers, and generous sponsors together to build simple, decent, safe and affordable housing for local families in need. This mission is possible because of the support of great partners like Encore Capital, and we are so grateful that they are joining us once again toward this goal.”

Sponsor Spotlight: Bank of America

On October 10th, 25 Bank of America employee volunteers gathered to build a new homes on Foundation Lane in El Cajon, the final two in the second phase of Habitat’s 10-home community.  Bank of America is committed to strengthening local communities through better housing opportunities, and has supported Habitat’s work for more than 25 years.

This home build is part of the second Global Build Week, during which Bank of America and Habitat for Humanity partnered to address affordable housing challenges, helping families build homes and achieve home ownership in more than 60 communities across the U.S., as well as 7 international cities including London, Hong Kong, Sydney, Jakarta, Manila, Toronto, and Mumbai.

“Access to affordable, stable housing is foundational to a family’s long-term financial stability and growth,” said Rick Bregman, San Diego Market President, Bank of America. “We’re pleased to partner with Habitat for Humanity and to help families like the Muñozes achieve homeownership and build a stronger, more vibrant community.”

The partnership with Habitat for Humanity is just one element of Bank of America’s broader commitment to help people live better financial lives, and support stronger communities and stable economies.

This year, Bank of America distributed $320,000 in community development funding to San Diego nonprofits to help individual and families regain and maintain financial stability through access to affordable housing, emergency housing and mortgage training.

To learn more about Bank of America’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs and practices, please visit and follow the company on Twitter @BofA_News and @BofA_Community.