Neighborhood Revitalization Critical Home Repair Program

In 2017, through our Neighborhood Revitalization (NR) program, we introduced a Critical Home Repair initiative. The focus of this initiative is on accessibility improvements, mobility modifications, weatherization enhancements, and critical home repairs that are crucial to help families to remain in their own homes and for seniors to age in place.

One of our success stories is with homeowners Marie and Ozell. They have been members of the Logan Heights community for over 40 years. In 1971, Marie was a single mother who had just purchased her first home and began her career at Mercy Hospital. Now, she has retired and lives in that same house where she raised her three children. Today, grandchildren visit and her home is busy with family.

Marie and Ozell first heard about Habitat’s Critical Home Repair initiative through a church member. Their home was in evident need of repairs, and by meeting our qualification guidelines we have been able to address significant health and safety concerns, including lead and asbestos remediation, window replacement, and the addition of two new bathrooms. Repairing Marie’s home will allow her and her family to live a stronger and a more stable life in their beloved community of Logan Heights.


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Thank you to our staff and volunteers for all the hard work and dedication. We could not do this without your help!

Jimmy Carter Work Project 2016 | Memphis, TN

The Carters started building with Habitat in 1984 in New York, with just a few dozen volunteers traveling with them.  The Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project became an annual event that the Carters participate in every year.

Volunteers in Memphis, who traveled from across the country, joined the more than 92,000 people who have worked alongside the Carters over the years. The volunteers began showing up to the site before sunrise, excited to begin the week. After breakfast, President Carter spoke to the volunteers who went on to build 19 new homes, work on 10 beautification projects and six aging in place repairs that will help older homeowners stay in their homes.

Check out the video for a glimpse of this inspiring event!



How Do Habitat Partner Families Qualify, Anyway?

Have you ever wondered how families end up in their Habitat homes, or been interested in becoming a Partner Family yourself?  SDHFH’s unique program partners with hardworking families to offer the opportunity to own a simple, decent and affordable home of their own with an affordable mortgage payment. Habitat Partner Families go through a selection process that seeks homeowners based on their level of need, their willingness to become partners in the program through performing “sweat equity” in the building of their home, and their ability to repay an affordable mortgage.

Families who are interested in applying for a San Diego Habitat home first attend an orientation meeting where they get more information about the process and the financial qualification parameters.  This is the only place that potential Partner Families can obtain an official application.

Habitat for Humanity’s Family Selection Committee reviews all of the applications and selects families who qualify based on income and credit requirements. These families will have a home visit by members of the Family Selection Committee, which is a time to meet the family and assess the current living conditions and need.

Families who qualify after the home visit will meet with the entire Family Selection Committee, where they are scored on objective criteria, including financial capability, need, and willingness to partner with Habitat.  The Committee recommends final families to the Board of Directors of San Diego Habitat for Humanity, and a partnership/purchase agreement is executed after their approval.  Now, the family can begin their sweat equity hours, building their home, the homes of other Partner Families, or volunteering in our administrative offices or in the ReStore.

If you or someone you know are interested in starting the application process, please visit our upcoming events calendar to find out about upcoming orientation meetings.

For more information on qualification guidelines and the application process, please visit our homeownership page, or contact Shayna Hensley at

AmeriCorps Members travel to New Orleans for Habitat’s Build-A-Thon

To commemorate the rebirth of the U.S. Gulf Coast ten years following the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, three San Diego Habitat for Humanity AmeriCorps members and one of our Superintendents traveled to New Orleans for a week of building and fellowship during Habitat’s annual AmeriCorps Build-a-Thon.

During the event, New Orleans-Area Habitat for Humanity hosted more than 400 current and alumni AmeriCorps members from across the U.S. The group, along with local volunteers, built 10 new homes in the New Orleans East neighborhood in partnership with low-income families.

Since the partnership began 20 years ago, more than 8,000 individuals have served as AmeriCorps members with Habitat for Humanity, helping more than 20,000 families in need of affordable housing, contributing more than 13 million hours of service, raising tens of millions of dollars in cash and in-kind resources and engaging more than 3.1 million volunteers.

Click here to find out how you can become an AmeriCorps member at San Diego Habitat for Humanity!

BAE Systems Helps Repair Veteran Homes

e6a5cbc0-55c7-4c72-88ba-8b6eb96f0999Habitat for Humanity’s Repair Corps program creates safe, healthy, independent, dignified living spaces by utilizing the donations of hardworking volunteers and individual and corporate sponsors to perform critical home repair on homes owned by local veterans.

One such project was embarked upon recently.

Desert Storm veteran Cliff Cross thinks like many of his brothers-in-arms do. He has a hard time asking for support when he knows that there may be others in more urgent need. That’s why his sister-in-law took matters into her own hands and contacted Habitat for Humanity’s Repair Corps program to find out if something could be done about the precarious state of his home. Habitat staff evaluated the home and realized that the necessary repairs were going to cost a lot more than was in the original project budget.

BAE Systems stepped in to help.  With their donation of $30,000 and the generous commitment of employee volunteers, Cliff’s bathroom received the vital repairs it needed.  In addition, other Repair Corps projects for local veterans will be completed in the coming weeks because of BAE’s support.  Check out the news coverage below to learn more!

Serving Those That Have Served Us

Habitat for Humanity is committed to serving more than 400,000 veterans that proudly call San Diego County their home. The Repair Corps program is designed to help veterans thrive by creating healthier, safer home environments through critical repairs and improvements.


This month, with the help of The Home Depot Foundation funding, the Repair Corps program purchased a brand new trailer for a veteran and his wife living in terrible conditions. For the past six years, this humble couple had been living in a poorly constructed trailer room addition with huge holes in the boards and walls, a dirt floor, and a blanket for a front door. They had slept on the ground and curled up in a loveseat, where neither could stretch out entirely.  Habitat was able to finally provide them the bed that they deserved! The veteran’s wife is blind and plagued by diabetes, making walking difficult. Her life, she explained, has improved immensely because she is able to sleep on a real bed!

In a single day, their old home was demolished and after spending their last night sleeping on the ground, their new home was delivered by the next morning! Habitat offered to put them up in a hotel but they declined. Their attitude was that they would sleep under the stars and enjoy the outdoor experience.

These humble and happy individuals act as a testament to resiliency and the inspirational ability to be content with whatever life has in store. The couple could not be happier! They are very appreciative and grateful for their new home and the change it has made in their lives!

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AmeriCorps Team Helps Revitalize Neighborhoods

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The AmeriCorps NCCC team with NRI Manager, Anne Marie. photo credit: Resolusean Photography

The Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRI) kicked off at San Diego Habitat for Humanity in 2013 and it has made quite an impact. The program aims to provide necessary housing renovations/repairs and community engagement throughout San Diego County.

Habitat recently had the honor of hosting an AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) team that was here for five weeks.  During their stay, they made major strides in the Escondido community, where they focused their NRI efforts.

The AmeriCorps team consisted of ten members between the ages of 18-25 who have chosen to dedicate about 46 weeks of service to a certain region, traveling within that region during their term of service. During the five-week stay in San Diego, the team provided some incredible assistance with quite a few projects, including the 2014 Home Builders Blitz, the renovation of rundown Rustic Park, and the A Brush with Kindness program. Work ranged from conducting surveys before work on a community begins, to clearing out brush and debris from a build site, and working on the home build sites.

The team went beyond their day projects and engaged fully in the communities with whom they interacted with at Interfaith Community Services, the organization that housed them for the five weeks. They became close to the homeless and veterans they met there and gave back to Interfaith by cleaning up and restoring one of their yards. This was the first AmeriCorps NCCC team that SDHFH has hosted.  We could not have asked for a better group of people to partner and work with.  Thank you, AmeriCorps NCCC Class 20 Team Blue 4!

Partnership with The Home Depot Foundation Supports Veterans

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The Repair Corps program is designed to provide much-needed repair to the homes of veterans to give them a better living environment. Since this partnership with the Home Depot Foundation launched just two short years ago, the funding provided has made a world of difference in the lives of local heroes. Here are just some of ways that the funding has helped:

  • Replaced the HVAC system just in time for a newborn with medical needs to come home from the hospital
  • Replaced old carpet that was a trip hazard with laminate flooring that made a huge difference in mobility around the house for an 89-year-old veteran with Alzheimer’s
  • Installed a walk in tub for a severely disabled veteran that helped his sole caregiver, his wife, give him baths
  • Made critical electrical, plumbing and other needed safety repairs in the home of a veteran and her five adopted special needs children
  • Installed new windows in the home of an elderly couple, making their home comfortable
  • After putting $15,000 in critical repairs on a home where children were suffering from asthma, taught the family how to repair and replace the rest of their home

This partnership allows for Habitat to provide so much more to the veteran community in San Diego.Thank you to the Home Depot foundation for improving the lives of San Diego veterans and their families.

Playhouse Program Provides New Opportunities

Habitat for Humanity’s new Playhouse Program offers a new way for local companies to give back without ever setting foot on a Habitat job site!

Often, busy employees of great local companies are unable to take a whole day away from the office to come to a build site.  Let Habitat bring the build to you!  The Playhouse Program offers a great alternative where people can take a half day to work on a project right outside their workplace – and it’s just as important to the community as building a home.

Habitat recently saw success with its first local Playhouse partner, Cox Communications. Cox employees took time out of their busy days to help build and decorate playhouses that are being donated to deserving families through a partnership with The Children’s Initiative. Not only has Cox donated the time of its employees, it has also committed financial support which is vital to continuing the Habitat mission. Take a look at the news coverage of this event here.

Cox Communications employees participate in the first Playhouse build day.