Report Proves Habitat’s Mission is Vital in San Diego

According to a recent study by The California Housing Partnership Corporation (CHPC), San Diego has the second largest shortfall of homes affordable to low income families in California. Many of these families live in unhealthy or unsafe conditions, crowd multiple people into each room and still pay more than 50 percent of their income on rent. Since 2000, median rent in San Diego County has increased by 23 percent but the median income has decreased by seven percent, making it more difficult for low income families to afford a home.

Click here to read the CHPC report for these and more interesting findings about the state of housing in San Diego.

However, with your help, San Diego Habitat for Humanity is addressing this major challenge, providing affordable homeownership opportunities to low income families in the neighborhoods throughout San Diego County. The statistics in this report show exactly what Habitat wants to change, and how it truly does affect the lives of so many people.

San Diego Habitat for Humanity offers everyone a chance to make things better, and gives hope to so many. Becoming a part of Habitat’s mission can change the lives of families, one home at a time.

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